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Transcript of Video about the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program. 

NARRATOR:  Adriana Antoci was born deaf and uses sign language to communicate.  But three years ago Adriana began to lose her sight.

ADRIANA A.:  (Tagged as Program Participant).  It was a really depressing situation for myself so I went back to home and I lost everything.   I felt like my life had changed. I couldnít do what I was doing before.

NARRATOR:  She has a progressive degenerative disorder called Usher syndrome.  As her sight deteriorated so did her communication with the outside world.  Using her phone and computer became challenging.  But a pilot program funded by the FCC called iCanConnect is helping thousands of people like Adriana.

CHRIS W.:  (Tagged as Hellen [sic] Keller National Center). The hope of this program is to give equipment and access for all deaf-blind individuals with low income and to make them be able to communicate with the world.

NARRATOR: The program spends $10 million each year putting phones and   computers in the hands those in the deaf-blind community who otherwise couldnít afford them.   It will also help pay for a braille device that can cost as much as $6 thousand a piece

MEGHAN K.: I was able to input that in braille and I am going to send it.

NARRATOR: These specialized devices can fit into any cell phone or lap top allowing a deaf-blind individual to interact with their mobile devices.

MEGHAN K.:  (Tagged as: Technology Instructor for Deaf-Blind)  Accessing email and Facebook and being able to communicate with their family and friends has opened up so many new doors that previously were -  they werenít able to communicate.

NARRATOR:  Adriana, who is legally blind, is currently using a specialized magnification program to use her phone and lap top but she knows when her sight fades it doesnít mean she has to give up her dreams.

ADRIANA A.:  In the future I really want to be a social worker and Iím going to be using all of this of course.

NARRATOR:  Help she wants to pay forward.




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